I Bet I Can Beat You…

Every girl basketball player that takes pride in kicking boys butts has heard this comment, “I bet I could beat you!” Little did they know that when we hear this, our eyes light up and adrenaline gets pumping, because now we get a chance to prove again how good we really are. Literally, anytime a boy told me that, my immediate thought and response was always, “YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME!” Yes, I was very confident and some may say a little cocky, but it’s because I worked so hard everyday to be the best. The hard work mixed with my passion, desire, focus, and talent allowed for me to beat most of the boys I came up against. The finally words I would typically hear were, “you let a girl beat you?”

Even to this day thinking of some of those games make me laugh and smile. So, after I got done reminiscing I decided to ask all the guys I’ve played with or against growing up to tell me their memories. Man ya’ll, I’m telling you I was cracking up. Many of those stories painted vivid pictures and took me right back to the specific moment they were talking about.

I’ve had many fans and parents ask me throughout my career where you always this type of player. Incase you are not familiar me or how I play, I will very quickly fill you in. I’ve always prided myself on defense, rebounding, hustle plays, and of course trying to embarass you on the court. Honestly, I wouldn’t do these stories any justice, so I asked my guy friends on Facebook to share some old stories of playing with me or against me.

Check out a few of the stories for yourself:


Well, now that you have seen a few of my stories from beating up on the boys. I would love to hear some of yours. Drop your stories and comments on the page. I look forward to talking to you soon.


God Bless